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Wine Wednesdays

50% off select bottles from some of our favorite producers each Wednesday!


Dine side-by-side with local Winemaker Brianne Day.

Our winemaker dinners are small, intimate dinners in our upstairs dining room with dishes thoughtfully paired with selections from our favorite producers of local wines. The winemaker will discuss their wines and chat with guests as we go through a multi-course dinner featuring Chef Ryley Eckersley's seasonal, local, Northwest-inspired cuisine.

About the Winemaker

Brianne Day is the winemaker and owner of Day Wines, and the owner and manager of Day Camp, a shared winery space in Dundee, Oregon. Brianne, a native of the Pacific Northwest, became interested in "old school" winemaking while traveling in Europe and learned to make wine from mentors who honed this philosophy in Oregon.

Prior to launching Day Wines, Brianne gained background in the industry from multiple perspectives. She worked with wineries The Eyrie Vineyards, Brooks Winery, Grochau Cellars, Belle Pente and Scott Paul, and completed harvests in New Zealand, Argentina and France. Wine sales and restaurant experience were gained through stints at Portland's Le Pigeon and Little Bird Bistro, and during a five-year internship at Storyteller Wine Company. Additionally, she managed sales for a Bordeaux cooperage, Saury, which provided many opportunities to listen and learn from winemakers throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Day Wines are instinctive, restrained and aim to capture a specific time and place by using fruit grown organically, biodynamically or sustainably and minimal intervention in the winery.